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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A day of Duhs - or I guess you could say Oh Crap - Ajijic visit

Saturday a.m. - will be a busy day today
Well Thursday turned out to be a day of Duhs!

A couple of days ago Bill got the plastic bag containing Jeff’s clothes (he had left them with us four years ago when he first came down here with us) out from the storage area and put them in the car. I called Jeff and made sure he would be home. So off we set….
There are two different ways to get to Ajijic from Guadalajara. Go out of the campground and turn right on the highway east to Colima then after about 11 miles take the road to Jocotepec. Or turn left (away from where we wanted to go) go in towards town and take the Periferico across town then turn east on the road to Chapala. Well we took the road to Colima – bad choice. Once we got on the road to Jocotepec we discovered that it was under either construction – adding another lane - or repair – lots of rock slides – almost the entire way.

Lots of rocks down

big road machine
Lots of delays waiting for one way traffic. Lots of dirt and gravel. And lots of wind blowing that dirt around.

will be nice when it is finished
Once we got beyond the highway construction we found more road work in the town of Jocotepec and Gypsy had a fit trying to figure out how to get us to Ajijic – everyway she wanted to go was closed or going the wrong way! Finally made it through town then across the zillions of topes in front of the lakeside restaurants. The Driver was gnashing his teeth when we finally reached Ajijic.
Found Jeff’s place with no problems.

He has a nice “bachelor” apartment with a good kitchen, washer and dryer and little courtyard. Gave him his bag and then the three of us jumped back in Willie and went out to lunch at Mom’s. Mom’s is a neat restaurant that has Gringo cooking as the name implies. I had a BLT and Bill and Jeff had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits. Yum.
Had a great time visiting. Jeff sure enjoys living in Ajijic. He keeps so busy and has so many friends.
As we were leaving the restaurant we decided to go to visit the campground we stayed in last year AND four years ago when we came here with Jeff the first time. Wow, has the owner, Hugo made a lot of changes.
view from patio of B & B
He is now building a bed and breakfast of four suites at the front of his property. He took us on a tour of it – amazing. To appreciate what he has done you really have to read what it was like four years ago. Link
And especially the pictures of the electric then.  Just about the last picture is of the motorhome and jeep parked in the grass.
Also some pictures from last years stay here on the blog  Link 
So as I mentioned he took us on a tour of his B&B just a couple of pictures to show his imagination at work.
This is a picture of the house he built and put up for sale last year. Taken from the B & B  patio
All four of the suites have their own bathroom and patios. This is the sink in one bathroom

This is the wall in the the main room/lobby - very pretty - picture doesn't do it justice.

another view of it.
love the big round window
The banister to upstairs is made from chain
a small part of the kitchen
Left Hugo and took Jeff home and bid him adios. We took the other road back needless to say. Much quicker and nicer trip.
Our second Duh! of that day - Checking my email yesterday afternoon I found one from Jeff it said “I opened that bag of stuff that you brought me. Lots of woman's clothes. Certainly nothing I can use. But, I appreciate the thought”. OH SH** - We had given him my winter clothes that were stored in the same place as his stuff. So today, Saturday, we are going back to Ajijic – taking the Periferico - and bringing him his stuff and picking up my stuff.
Yesterday we spent in Guadalajara - saw some really interesting/different things. More about that later. We are off to Ajijic now.

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