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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last couple of days at Playa Matanchen, Nayarit, Mexico

Saturday a.m.

Started out bright and sunny this morning but now the fog is starting to roll in from the ocean and the temperatures have dropped. People are already coming to the beach for the day and or weekend. The kids playing in the water and digging in the sand. Parents watching from their blankets or shade tents. 
This guy was taking his horse for a run. Had him tied to the truck. Dog was following along behind.
The Driver is outside cleaning the windows in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. It is time to move on we are both getting antsy here.
Yesterday, Friday, was another lazy day. We went into San Blas to visit with Phil and have lunch at the Social Club – Caesar Salads, delicious. We’ll miss his cooking. He thinks he might work the summer in Toronto – so maybe we can see him there.
Driving in San Blas is always an adventure what with the narrow one-way streets; cars parked any where there is a space big enough to fit and the motor scooters and bicycles.
And the bikes and scooters don’t care about the one-way business. They go where they want.

At night it is even more of a challenge as most of bikes have no lights and no reflectors. You hope you see them in time. And most of them have more than one person on them – sometimes as many as four. This scooter has mom and two kids, one in front and one in back.
Only Mom is wearing a helmet
It looks like the community has bought a couple of new road work machines. They were proudly displayed in front of the plaza. Brand spanking new, not a speck of dirt on them.

Haven’t mentioned it before but Mexico has quite a recycling of plastics program in effect. Everywhere there are wire containers for depositing all plastic bottles etc. Seems to be working.

Later on in the afternoon we drove down the beach to Aticama to see Ramon the mechanic. While Bill was talking to him this guy walked by with a wheelbarrow full of pottery for sale. I would have thought it would break bouncing over the cobblestones like it was. Guess it doesn’t.
Back on the beach to go to the RV we watched as these people were piling into this truck – there were 15 that we could count – but know there were a couple more kids we couldn’t see. At least it has sides and bars across the back to hold people in.
Beach taxi
Last night was the prettiest sunset we’ve seen here. There were a few clouds in the sky to reflect the light.

Chip doing a fly by in preparation for landing

The Ultra Lite just took off – no passenger this time – guess he is just enjoying the flying before the fog gets too bad. It already has the tops of the hills covered. Before he could take off he had to ask one of the vendors to move her cart closer to the water so he wouldn’t hit her.

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