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Friday, March 4, 2011

Lazy Days, New Brakes and Good Food

Friday a.m. Bright and sunny already – going to be a lovely day.

The last two days have been pretty much stayed at home days.
Ramon came by early Wednesday morning with his helper
and got the back brakes put back on. Bill says he did a meticulous job. Checking and rechecking every piece before putting it back on. Got new disks and new pads. He also checked everything in the rear end to make sure there were no problems. There weren’t.
Then they took the front brakes with them – brought them back and installed them on Thursday.
We pretty much just hung around the rest of the day watching all the traffic on the beach.
Dinner time we decided to go into San Blas to the Social Club for dinner again. When we got there we discovered the restaurant was closed until 6 o’clock so we strolled through the plaza admiring all the Huichol beaded jewelry. And Bill stopped to play a game of foosball with three other guys. His team won he says. As we continued walking on I heard my name called “Carol? You are Carol aren’t you? And he is Bill?” I turned to look and saw a very pretty black haired woman walking towards us. It was Weng! – I recognized her from George’s and her blogs. She in turn had recognized us from George’s blog. How great. We felt like we knew her from reading about her for so long. Had a great conversation and met a couple of her friends from the states and her pretty daughter.
We returned to the Club for dinner when it opened and had salad, marlin cakes, steak, stuffed mushrooms and asparagus. Talk about a gourmet meal. Phil come home with us please!
Thursday Ramon and another helper came back to finish the front brakes. Now we’re good to go. The entire job cost $475 US dollars. A third of what it would cost at home.
Jennie is good to go now. We will leave Sunday a.m heading to Guadalajara.
Wondered why we hadn’t seen the car of one of the other people in the campground for a couple of days. Well he had an accident on the way to Tepic to play golf. His car is totaled. He and his friends are okay – bumped and bruised but okay. And luckily the people in the other vehicle weren’t badly injured either. Unfortunately it looks like it might have been his fault. So under Mexican law –“You’re guilty until proven innocent” he is in jail but has a cot in a room by himself. The owners of the campground, El Chaco RV, have been a great help to him and his friends. They are fluent in both English and Spanish so they are running interference with the language barrier. He now has a lawyer, which his Mexican Auto Insurance provided, from Tepic – who doesn’t have a car so they are having to pay for his taxi rides back and forth. And things move very slowly here. I feel so bad for them – this was their first trip to Mexico in their motorhome and they were so enjoying it. Makes you think about how fast things can change.
Good news. He is out of jail and can return to the U.S. when he wants. The insurance company and their lawyer came through for him.
Last night we ate at Chez Jennie – yes, I can still cook. Chicken with onions and mushrooms sautéed in lemon and wine with a side of angle hair pasta and salad – turned out pretty good.

Right now The Driver is outside cleaning some of the dirt off of Willie – poor thing was so dirty – probably missing all the car washes he had in Mazatlan.
Here no one watches and washes your car when you park on the street.
Starting to get cleaner
Last nights sunset is the prettiest sunst (can't begin to compare to Huatabampito) we've seen since being here on Playa Matanchen - the first one with a cloud or two in the sky.
Don't know what we are going to do today.

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