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Friday, March 11, 2011

Glass Blowers in Tonala

While in Tonala we stopped again to watch the glass blowers. They fascinate me. And how they do it in the heat. Today they were making a medium sized bowl with streaks of differnt colors in it.  Enjoy

Taking the glass out of the oven. It was 85 degrees in Tonala that day. There is no a/c in this room - it is open to the outside

Twirling to shape the glass - it is orange because it is just out of oven

Blowing down the tube to expand the molten ball of glass

Glass ball is getting larger - twirling it again

sitting down in chair with metal arm rests. metal bar rolls on rest - blower used tongs to shape glass

hust starting a bowl - shaping blob of molten glass

the box is very hot and  has some water in it and a curved form - more shaping of the glass

taking shaped glass to flecks to add color

rolling in the flecks

another bowl being shaped

He is working on the bottom of the bowl

now he is taking the bowl off the metal pole. man to his right has a big paddle the bowl is resting on

bowl waiting for next steps. From here it is picked up and the bottom is smoothed out then it is put into another oven for curing

Continue reading post below for the rest of our visit to Tonala.

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