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Sunday, March 6, 2011

On the road to Guadalajara

Sunday a.m.   again it is foggy out - the tips of the surrounding hills are shrouded in gray clouds.
As soon as we get our act together we will be leaviing and heading south east to Guadalajara. Our journey today will take us away from the ocean and leave us high up in the mountains - I think Guadalajara is about 5000 feet. We'll take the San Blas road back up to the Autopista and stay on it all the way to the Periferico around Guadalajara then the Colima highway to the campground in San Jose Del Tajo on the western outskirts of the city.
Hopefully when we get there we'll be able to get Stanley (the satellite dish) up and working. For some reason last night he got really snotty and wouldn't work at all. Turned him off and turned him on, put him down, put him up. Worked for a few minutes and then puff.......Maybe something in the air as this morning he is working fine. Or maybe he just doesn't like his name.
Went into San Blas for dinner last nite. Lots of activity going on around the main plaza. They were going to be crowning the King and Queen of Carnaval later. Lots of traffic.
In fact we saw an accident right in front of us.  A horse backed up into and sat on a little taxi - put a pretty good dent in its door. The rider got the horse back under control and continued on down the street. The taxi driver meanwhile was out of his car examining the dent and yelling at the policement stanting there to go get the horse. Couldn't hear the words but taxi driver was clearly mad and wanted the horse back rider to come back and pay for the dent. The police just listened to him - looked down the street where the horse was disappearing in the distance. Laughted and shrugged their shoulders. Driver got back in his cab and headed off after the horse. This was at the main corner of the town.
Had dinner and came home to ready Jennie for travel. So need to finish doing that now and hit the road. If we can get signal after parked I'll post again - if not will have to find an internet cafe....
Till then.

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