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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lazy day Monday in Guadalajara

Tuesday a.m.

Sun shinny day here. But boy it still gets cool here at night. Think tonight I’ll put out the little electric heater to keep the chill off. But during the day it warms up into the 80s.
Don’t know what is the matter with the Internet. We can get on with no problem so it isn’t Stanley. And it has been doing this since before we left home – even at home. For some reason almost every evening between 6 and 9 we can’t get on AOL at all and IE and FireFox run really slow. Only thing I can figure out is too many people are on Hughes Net at that time and the system gets overloaded. Will try to straighten that out when we get home. I’m pretty sure it is a Hughes Net problem. Hate paying for something I can’t use.
As I said yesterday we took it pretty easy. Did go to the big Mega (supermarket) here and Bill found Mortadella (lunch meat) so he is happy. Also went out to dinner – again at Applebee’s.
looks just like home
The big road/highway between the campground and the stores is really weird. There are very few places where you can get to the stores businesses on the other side of it. There is one cross over right next to the entrance to the RV park where we can get to the other side going east – but we can’t come back that way because of the one-way streets. The next place to cross over going east is about 4 miles a way almost into the city. However we did find a short cut just up a ways. It’s an exit into a private housing and golf area. If we use it we can get across the highway and then make a sharp U-turn on a small road just before the gates into the private area. This brings us back out on the highway going west. Very strange. Yesterday we drove west looking for a laundromat and again it was about 5 miles before we could turn around and come back.
Never found a laundry. One of the ladies working here in the campground said she would take laundry this morning and bring it back to us tomorrow.
Today we are going into the city and try to find some of the leather tanneries.

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