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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jeff gets his Stuff and we visit Chapala to look around

Tuesday a.m.
Still catching up – Saturday we made another trip to Ajijic to get my winter clothes back and give Jeff his stuff. This time we opened the bag to make sure. Yep! Okay! His stuff.
The road there is a main highway in this particular section it is three lanes going each way. Passed the ATV just tooling along in the middle lane like he belonged there. Guess if horses can use the Autopista ATVs can use the main roads.
Also passed this guy – a little overloaded maybe?
You have to give Wal*Mart credit – 15 miles out of Ajijic is this road sign – road sign as in the kind the government puts up to list off and on ramps etc.

We went right to Jeff’s to give him his stuff then we drove into Chapala to have lunch and walk around the outdoor market there. We had lunch at one of the restaurants on the marina where we’d eaten before. Almost empty and not so good this time.

Last year there were hundreds of white pelicans here but this year didn’t see even one. Wonder where they went? And the lake is really full this year to the the heavy rains they had last fall.
But the company was great. Jeff has some tales to tell about living full time in Mexico. We keep telling him he needs to start up a blog again and share his stories. Every day living is an adventure there. This is Jeff in his billboard shirt. If a billboard along the road doesn’t have an advertisement on it it says Disponible (which means available) with the phone number to call. Jeff’s shirt says Disponible with his phone number on it. Says it gets quite a few comments.
Just walking around the outdoor market. Lots of different things for sale: clothes, DVDs, food, toys, food, drinks, hand made items, food, drinks – yah lots of food and drinks.

She is dreaming about selling her ponchos.

This older man was busy weaving for lack of a better description a fishing net.
making a fishing net
Roasted corn for sale. Jeff says it looks and smells good but is not. It isn’t sweet corn like we’re used to but the corn the farmers in the US feed to the cattle.

And drinks with interesting glasses. You can keep the glass/bamboo, ceramic or whatever. You can get anything from water to hard liquor and mixed cocktails in them.

He is selling juice but like the lady before must not be selling enough to keep him awake.

 Just a picture of the dock with some of the little boats that give rides out to the islands and around Lake Chapala.
The area around the dock is really nice. Pretty plants, benches and nice fountains. Last year I posted quite a few pictures of this area Link on the web page. Also wrote about it on the blog.  2010 March

This guy was all made up and posing for pictures. Not sure if he was authentic or not. But he was making money. And that is what counts.

The fisherman with his almost completed net.
We purchased five DVD movies for 100 Pesos around nine dollars. The lady selling them even took them out of the wrapper and played them on her DVD to make sure they were in English. I already mentioned that the one I really want to see (the 2nd time we’ve bought it – The King’s Speech turned out to be in Spanish – Well the first five minutes were in English the rest of it in Spanish! Now how/why did they do that? The other four are fine.

We bid Jeff good bye and had an uneventful trip back to the RV park where we started preparing for our journey on Sunday back to Mazatlan. Tried to watch The King's Speech - ended up watching Wall Stree 2 - or whatever it's name is. Pretty good. M Douglas is starting to look OLD.
Then to bed - Sunday was to be a long day

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