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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lazy Day in Amado, AZ

Friday a.m.

We may or may not leave here today. Are we lazy or anxious to get home? Maybe we’ll just wait until this next big storm going through the plains is over. Though if we take the 10 east we’ll be below it. Decisions!!! We are thinking about going as far as Deming, NM for the first leg of the trip across – but as always our plans are subject to change.
Haven’t done much since we’ve been here. Just grocery shopping and go out to eat. I like that part.
The restaurant just across the freeway, the Cow Palace, has the best food – breakfast, lunch and dinners. Went there for steak last night – delicious – first good steak we’ve had since we left here in the fall.
Went grocery shopping to Safeway yesterday afternoon. Bacon is $8 a package???? A little bit of sticker shock there. And Folger Coffee $12! What really caught our attention while in the store were the customers. We aren’t what I’d consider young (72 & 74) – but everyone else shopping there made us look like kids. I’ve never seen so many senior - senior citizens in one place in my life. But then there are lots and lots of retirement communities in this area south of Tucson. Not sure how I felt about the employees working there…..they were almost too helpful as if they were dealing with people who no longer had all the lights on.
We found some of The Driver’s favorite sugar – Bakers Sugar – it is extra fine and he likes it for his coffee – so we bought four or five boxes ‘cause we can’t find it anywhere near home.
Dug out all our US maps and camping books and put all the Mexico stuff away. We ended up with just a little over 600 Pesos when we crossed the border. About $50 – one more toll booth and we’d of been short. In a couple of days we’ll be putting our shorts and t-shirts away and dragging out the heavier clothes. It still get darn cold here in Arizona at night. Had the little electric heater running all night last night. Yesterday morning I turned the main heat on when I got up – it was only 50 in here! Warms up nice during the day though.
Saw on the news that there was a shooting in a school in a little town not to far from where we live – any people think Mexico is dangerous.
Enough for now – no pictures yesterday – my camera is probably in shock.

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