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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Night in Mexico

Tuesday p.m.

We left Huatabampito at 7:30 and got to Hermosillo at 1:00 – 240 miles and 33US dollars in toll. The highway the whole way was pretty straight and flat. Mostly 4-lane divided. Just before Hermosillo it was like driving on a washboard! – the rest of it was pretty good. Weather was nice, not too hot and not too windy.
The only real excitement were the cows munching grass right next to the road and one lone cow that was running across the other lane and center medium towards us. Cowboy chasing her. She crossed our lane behind us though. Kind of funny if it weren’t so dangerous.
Drove through Navojoa – right through town instead of taking the truck route. No problems but one difference in the town. The traffic signals are all gone replaced by stop signs. Wonder what that is about?
We’ve stopped at the Sonora RV park here in Hermosillo – haven’t even unhooked – just plugged in and put Stanley up. Working fine and we even have Direct TV working. Why did I think I missed TV?

Tomorrow we’ll be in Arizona – still a long ways home from there.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful on your trip home. Still winter storms out there.