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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Change of Plans we're in Huatabampito again

Sunday a.m.

The crowded Las Jaibas RV park – 25 rig caravan came in and parked in the back with us. A shot of just a few of the rigs that I took as we were leaving Saturday morning.
Well plans are made to be changed aren’t they?. One thing we can depend on is any plans we make will almost always change.
We are in Huatabampito instead of Las Glorias. Neither of us are really fond of La Glorias – it is a long way off the highway, a nice enough place but just doesn’t appeal to us. So what did we do? We drove further north and a long way off the highway to get here. 356 miles from start to stop, USD$78 in tolls again and eight hours with time out for lunch. We stopped at a Pemex just before Los Mochis and found a great “truck stop” all the amenities – showers, atm, hotel, store, lots of parking and a good restaurant. As nice as or nicer than Flying Js we’ve stopped at.
Not much to say about the drive except it was long. No hills, few curves and mostly four-lane divided so no Kamikaze drivers trying to make unsafe passes. Lots of groups of tiny topes though or as they are called vibradores – a series of little tope. Good name for them as even your teeth are vibrating by the time you get through them.
Not even much in the way of scenery. Farm fields with corn, cane, tomatoes and winter wheat. And a couple of baggie farms – you know where they grow the plastic to make the baggies.
growing plastic
Everything else was just scrub. About half way through the trip the wind came up pretty strong. We were glad to get here.
So here we are at El Mirador RV Park again, and we are the only ones here except for a couple staying in one of the hotel rooms. There were lots of locals on the beach yesterday enjoying the water. One boy got stung by a small manta ray so they took him across the street to the Red Cross station. There are bunches of teeny tiny jelly fish in the water here too – so we stay clear of it.
After we parked the owner of the place had a couple of his guys put up a big black net to try to keep some of the blowing sand off of us. Seems to be working.
This is our hose about 20 minutes after The Driver put it out – no he didn’t bury it in the sand – that is from the wind!
And it is a lot warmer here than it was in Mazatlan. Oh my gosh, we don’t have any crackers to feed the seagulls and by darn I think they recognized the motorhome cause all of a sudden there were a bunch of them out front of us on the beach squawking. Guess we’ll have to make a run into town to the store first thing this morning. (Right now they are walking on the roof – making noise.)
As always the sunsets are beautiful here

Thought this was neat – reflected in Jennie’s window.
And the big full moon over the water – wish I could have gotten a better picture – it was very pretty

And of course sunrise this morning.
Discovered something interesting about my Nook. When we got here the parks WiFi had such a strong signal I didn’t put Stanley up. Thought with the wind and sand blowing why bother. Though The Driver was muttering about not using something we spent so much money on. Guess I should have listened. All during this trip I have been downloading new books from Barnes and Noble with no problem. So I bought, or thought I did, a book in the series I’m reading last night. When I tried to open it I got a message about something being wrong with the payment. What? When I went on line with the laptop this a.m. there was an e-mail from BN that a person can only buy/download new books if they are physically in the US. And if I have a problem with that I can call them. CRAP – The RV Parks system must show it is in Mexico where as our satellite system is registered as being US. And just as a tidbit – right now the parks WiFi isn’t working at all so will put Stanley up later when Bill gets up. So we’ll be using it anyway.
Don’t know how long we’ll be here but probably until Tuesday as Monday is Benito Juarez birthday and it is a holiday. All government offices, schools, businesses etc are closed and everyone celebrates….don’t think we want to be on the road then.
Don’t know if I mentioned it or not but I’ve decided I like mangos so day before yesterday when we went to the market I bought another one. Didn’t eat it that night – so guess what?! For the first time ever instead of getting waved through an Agriculture Inspection we got stopped. I rolled down my window and he pointed at the door and said, “Open!” Okay – got up and opened the door for him. He came in and said, “Frigrater. Open.” Okay. He poked around a little and asked, “Mango? Papaya?” He had his finger on my mango. I answered “Mango.” He shook his head and said “Problem.” Out of my mouth pops, “How can it be a problem we bought it at Mega.” He answered, “No English.” Great – “BILL tell him we bought it at Mega not a fruit stand.” Didn’t make any difference it was a problem we couldn’t take it with us but we could pull over and eat it right them. Well right then I wasn’t hungry for a mango so he got the mango and we continued on - mangoless. As we crossed into the state of Sonora there was another agriculture inspection.
When asked if we had any fruit The Driver told the inspector that they had got it all at the last one. Inspector just laughed and waved us on. So all this reminds me that I have to cook our bacon, chicken and sausage before we cross into the US. Or we’ll lose that too to the US border guards.

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